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images of creators of Happy Birthday Stefan
  • Solomon Satya Trice
Happy Birthday Stefan is an Pinteresque comedy short film following Stefan, an early 20s pre-med student. After a long day, Stefan comes home to find his family and friends have thrown a surprise party for him. The only problem is it’s not his birthday, and he’s never met any of these people in his life.
This work, while standing alone as solely a chaotically psychedelic milieu, further serves as a repurposed trenchant political allegory on the current crisis of democratic backsliding and populist rhetoric in the United States.
Happy Birthday Stefan allows viewers to contemplate the danger of U.S democracy being overturned, and who dictates whether or not this happens. In the age of the “uninformed voter,” and amidst the political regression sweeping the nation, exemplified from insurrection to reproductive rights restriction to rampant civilian onslaught, this message has never been more relevant.
Miles Hionis, Maddie Vassalo, and Rory Hunt
  • Rory Nicholas Hunt
Iphis and Ianthe is a short film that places the Greek myth of the same name in a more contemporary framework.

The original myth of Iphis and Ianthe tells the story of an impoverished couple in ancient Crete who is forced to give up their daughter due to their inability to afford her future dowry price. However, on the evening before the delivery of her daughter, Telethusa prays to the goddess Isis for a solution. Isis gives her word that she will have a daughter but the next day, Telethusa gives birth to a daughter. She hides her child’s gender to her husband and raises the baby as a boy, naming him Iphis. Iphis grows up unaware of his differences from his male friends. One day, he meets a young woman named Ianthe and they instantly fall in love. Iphis quickly asks for her hand in marriage but fears her discovery of his female sex. He begs Isis to make him a biological man and she grants his wish, fulfilling her promise to Telethusa 18 years prior.

Our film updates this story, questioning the idea that all transgender individuals seek surgery to alleviate their dysphoria. Instead, we discuss Iphis’s process of learning how to accept his body and becoming comfortable sharing himself with another human being.
Team PACT stands for “Preventive and Accessible Cervical Cancer Testing” and is an M-HEAL project team.
  • Suraj Ranjit Menon
Team PACT stands for “Preventive and Accessible Cervical Cancer Testing” and is an M-HEAL project team. We formed in the Fall of 2021.
Team PACT is partnered with Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Ghana to develop a method for
cervical cancer screening that is effective, non-invasive, and cost-efficient. Our device
accomplishes this by collecting urine to be screened for high-risk HPV strains. Our mission is
to design a cervical cancer screening urine collection device for genotypic females aged
21-65 who are unable or uncomfortable with getting tested by a medical professional.
The front cover of a Burmese language book and the bibliographic cataloging description of the book rendered in MARC format
  • Win Kyaw
From mid-May to mid-July this summer, I joined the U-M Library’s International Studies team as their Southeast Asian studies librarianship intern. I applied to the inaugural internship program, hoping to build upon my previous work experiences in metadata and cataloging services at three different academic libraries in California and Massachusetts. As a student copy cataloger and a part-time assistant, I mainly proofread certain parts of bibliographic records that are considered crucial (e.g. book titles, page numbers, etc.) and transferred records from a shared online database to a local one used by the U-M Library. In other words, I did what is called copy cataloging and other entry-level tasks involved in processing new library materials. In short, I arrived in Ann Arbor with the goal of expanding my understanding of librarianship, which was limited to a few library jobs I have had. 
Iraqi artist, Dr. Mohammed Karem, with his paintings. He is surrounded by various other items in a crowded room.
  • Zainab A Hakim
  • Serena Safawi
The Shadow and Light project seeks to memorialize Iraqi academics who were assassinated between 2003 and 2011. This summer we worked on curating the Shadow and Light materials to be displayed in Hatcher Graduate Library and creating an accompanying online exhibit.
Hatcher Haunts map screens with color-blind filters applied to show color contrast.
  • Alex Warren
My journey with learning about and applying web content and video game accessibility standards to Hatcher Haunts, a visual wayfinding mobile game prototype.
Picture of several video discs piled high
  • Yuchen Wu
This blog post documents a student's journey through a Michigan Library Scholars project. Her research focuses on the identification, watching, evaluation, and selection of documentaries in the University of Michigan's library that are related to art and resistance. The selected documentaries are presented as an annotated bibliography to instructors for course teaching purposes during the Fall 23 Arts & Resistance theme semester.
Cartoony illustration of a squirrel holding a flashlight under its face. Behind it is Hatcher Library. In the background are the sihlouttes of a book ghost, a compass ghost, and a lamp ghost.
  • Cecilia Valentina Ledezma Herrera
I was a Michigan Library Scholar during the summer of 2023 in the "Gamified Directions to the Library" project. Our aim was to create an aid for students to learn to navigate the library, so we made a prototype for a video game. In this blog post, I detail my journey as the Art and Story lead for the game "Hatcher Haunts."
3rd South stack in the oil painting style.
  • Shao-Chi Ou
I was a Summer 2023 Michigan Library Scholar in the project “Gamified Directions to the Library: Developing a Training Module.” We developed an educational video game that taught users about navigating Hatcher and different library services. In this project I mainly worked on a mini game where users were asked to interact with the physical space, and a pamphlet that had all important navigation and service information and could turn into a 3D paper model. I gained a lot of new perspectives on how to interact with the physical and how to present it through media like video games and papers.
  • Mary Elizabeth Silva-Garza
Chicana poet and cultural theorist Gloria Anzaldúa says: “Making anthologies is also activism. In the process of creating the composition, the work of art, you’re creating the culture. You’re rewriting the culture, which is very much an activist kind of thing.”

Similarly, I have curated this presentation as an anthology - from the composers and artists that I have commissioned and programmed, to the interviews, images, the words of Latina scholars, and parts of my own story. As a person of color, as a Latina, a chicana. I have learned that telling our stories is a form of activism. This is why in many ways, silencing us is also an act of violence.

I am curating this collaboration of new music by Latina composers to facilitate a public platform and to open a dialogue about Latina culture, identity, and experiences in higher education, specifically in the field of western classical music. This project enriches the art form by contributing a diverse collection of new works to the repertoire, addressing societal issues and promoting Latina artists in classical music.