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views of standing men and women
  • Philip A Hallman
Join us next Thursday, 18 April between 4-6p for our next Third Thursdays at the Library event!
Asia Library Technical Services colleagues share their reflections on CEAL 2024 annual conference.
Paper Potmaker
  • Krystel Anderson
Paper seedling planter pots created using 3d printed molds. These will be used for the Library’s Earth Day workshop planting seeds from the new Seed Library!
Colorful image of people holding and reading books.
  • Caroline Nemechek
The findings from a qualitative study on users of open access (OA) books reveal a wide range of needs and impacts. The data comes from two collections: one of OA books published by Lever Press ( and the other of backlist books turned OA by the Big Ten Open Books project ( While the samples are small, the findings highlight the importance of qualitative approaches to capturing the variety of reader and, more broadly, user experiences.
part of the flyer of Young Patriot
  • Liangyu Fu
CHOP (China Ongoing Perspectives) Film Series presents a mini-film festival showcasing documentaries about China through the lens of European and Chinese directors.
The product
  • Alexander Warner Alvarado
Hobby build of a display stand for a heavy metal hilt replica lightsaber from Star Wars!
A person unfurling a curtain.
  • Suviksha Hirawat
This blog post reflects on the learning experience I had as a novice user research (UX) intern at the U-M Library. Through this nurturing and eye-opening experience, I enhanced my understanding of research operation, the activities which support the user research conducted by library employees in the Design & Discovery unit of the library.
A colorful fish dressed in a jacket and backwards cap made of newsprint holding a microphone and performing rap music.
  • Kat Hagedorn
  • Robyn Ness
In our inaugural Digital Collections Connection meeting on March 7, 2024, we shared a couple of slides that showcase the history of the technical infrastructure for digital collections at U-M Library. During the session, we heard that this overview of our systems was helpful to content partners in understanding current functionality and limitations. We wanted to take this opportunity to share the diagrams more widely and to provide more context and historical information about the origins of, and recent changes to, our digital collections platform.
Image of the gift
  • Camellia Huang
Creating festive gifts for parents utilizing the Laser Cut and engrave facility
Picture of Liangyu Fu
  • Alexa L Pearce
Starting this month, Liangyu Fu will serve as Director of the Asia Library, leading the development of programming and services in order to partner with and support East Asian Studies scholars and students at U-M. Following more than 10 years of engaged service as Chinese Studies Librarian, Liangyu brings a record of partnership and ingenuity into her new role.