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Image showing Spanish speaking parts of the world
April 28, 2020
  • Mario Sanchez GUMIEL
My project, titled “‘What’s Your Accent?’ Collaborative Creation of an Online Library of the Spanish Language,” consists of the development of an online library of the Spanish language that can be used as a resource for students, and for professors and lecturers who teach both Spanish and Linguistics. The project is an effort to bring together a representative sample of the Spanish speakers in the university and Ann Arbor area, as well as the work of different units of the University of Michigan campus, such as the Language Resource Center or the UM Library.
A Plastic Ocean Movie Poster
December 5, 2017
  • Caroline Ashley Clingan
The UM Library Student Engagement Ambassadors are a group of Undergraduates who work for the library to engage peers through programming and social media. They will use the Student Stories Blog throughout the year in order to share their experiences and the student perspective.

student reading at cafe shapiro
March 6, 2017
  • Maggie Lynn Hafers
Walking up to the tables and chairs set up on the 1st floor of the UGLi, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had heard of Café Shapiro but had never attended one before, or any event like it. For those who don’t know, Café Shapiro is an event held in the Shapiro Undergraduate Library that features original student poems and short stories. Students are nominated by their professors to read their work at the event, and anyone can come and listen.
November 17, 2016
  • Stephanie Dooper
On Tuesday, November 13th from 3-5pm the Michigan Library Engagement Ambassadors held our first event of the semester in the Shapiro Undergraduate Library. Employees from the Career Center came to take free professional head shots and provide advice on how to improve your LinkedIn profile and use it to network successfully. We had a great turnout of students who came dressed to impress and took advantage of this event.