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drawing of workers in coats and hats holding signs saying on strike and other messages
  • Evyn Kropf
Join us next week for our first Third Thursdays at the Library open house, exploring material from the Labadie Collection!
image of man-presenting person with pregnant belly
  • Julie Herrada
Join the Special Collections Research Center in Hatcher next Tuesday (8 November) at 4 pm for our third After Hours open house of the term exploring Labadie Collection materials on women's reproductive rights.
First page of Spartakist 4, volume 5, Winter 1974/1975
  • Gabriel Mordoch
The Joseph A. Labadie Collection holds at least 22 titles in Hebrew. One of them is the Sparṭaḳisṭ 4, a periodical published by the Spartacist League of Israel between 1973-1975.
Cover of Der frayer gedanḳ (דער פרײער געדאנק) = La pensée libre, vol. 1, June 1949
  • Gabriel Mordoch
Newly gifted to the Joseph A. Labadie Collection: Der Frayer Gedanḳ (La Pensée Libre), a Yiddish monthly Anarchist journal published in Paris and Tel Aviv between 1949-1963.
The Hobo Philospher or the Modern Diogenes by Roger Payne, B.A., L.L.B., 1930.
  • Julie Herrada
Before punks, hippies, and beatniks there were hobohemians. Born in reaction to an increasingly urban and industrial American society, these radicals combined a working class consciousness with a rejection of rampant materialism to create a bulwark against a rising tide of greed and exploitation. The Hobohemia Collection gives a glimpse into this subculture through the writings and artifacts of two prominent hobohemians, Jack Sheridan (1905-1967) and Slim Brundage (1903-1990).
printed text reading "in contempt defending free speech, defeating HUAC june 21 1961"
  • Julie Herrada
Join the Special Collections Research Center next Tuesday (8 February) at 4 pm EST for our next After Hours virtual open house of the term celebrating the launch of Ed Yellin and Jean Fagan Yellin’s book, In Contempt: Defending Free Speech, Defeating HUAC. In writing this book, the authors drew heavily upon materials that are now part of the Labadie Collection.
image of three cuffed and chained Black hands grasping, reaching, and gripping the chain
  • Julie Herrada
Join the Special Collections Research Center next Tuesday (14 December) at 4 pm EST for our final After Hours virtual open house of the term exploring materials from the Joseph A. Labadie Collection relating to prison abolition, prisoner support, and political prisoners.
Black and white photograph of Emma Goldman sitting at a desk surrounded by books
  • Nora Dolliver
The Special Collections Research Center is thrilled to announce the opening of our latest exhibit, “A Revolution Worth Having: Emma Goldman at 150,” on view from June 3rd to August 1st. This exhibit pays tribute to one of the most distinctive figures represented in our collection, and is dedicated to the memory of the friends and comrades who have nourished and sustained the relationship between Emma and the Labadie Collection over the years.
"The Pot Book: The History, Cultivation, Preparation, and Other Useful Facts on Marijuana"
  • Kristine Greive
Tomorrow is our final Special Collections After Hours event of the year! This month's theme is "What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been," where we'll be displaying material from the Joseph A. Labadie Collecton related to marijuana. This includes material on recreational and medical uses of marijuana, as well as manuals on its cultivation. Here's a preview of a couple of items we'll have out for the event.
  • Kristine Greive
With the new semester comes a new slate of special collections meet and greets! These pop-up exhibits bring rare materials out of the library and into Weiser Hall, where we'll be sharing selections from the Joseph A. Labadie Collection. Visitors making their way through Weiser's busy halls will have an opportunity to take a look at books, pamphlets, ephemera, and even LPs while chatting with staff to learn more about our collections.