La Pensée Libre (Der Frayer Gedanḳ) – a Yiddish Anarchist Journal from Paris-Tel Aviv, 1949-1963

Published simultaniously in Paris and Tel Aviv between 1949-1963, Der Frayer Gedanḳ (דער פרײער געדאנק) was a Yiddish anarchist monthly journal also known by its French title: La Pensée Libre (Free-Thought) – it is possible that the French title was inspired by a homonymous French clandestine journal first produced in February 1941.

As stated in the subtitle of La Pensée Libre, the publication subscribed to Anarcho-Socialist values and was dedicated to the struggle for freedom in all aspects of life and thought. 

During its approximately fourteen years of existence, La Pensée Libre featuared several contributors and published at least 88 volumes, of which 29 were gifted by Kees Rodenburg of the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam to the Joseph A. Labadie Collection – including the very first volume, from June 1949, featured above (with few exceptions, each volume is 16 pages long). 

With the addition of La Pensée Libre, the Labadie Collection now holds 187 cataloged Yiddish titles.