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Lines of Web ARChive file format data, white typeface on a black background
  • Shauna-Kay Gabrielle Harrison
In response to the rise in book challenges in Michigan and across the country, a new web archive has been created to preserve, to the best of our ability, information regarding attempts to change collection development policies in public schools and public libraries.
Seven scientist wearing orange life vest posing on the deck of a research ship with their sonar instrument.
  • Peter Cerda
  • Rachel Woodbrook
In this interview, Anja Sheppard, Ph.D. Candidate in Robotics, describes her research with the Field Robotics Group and why she decided to share his data set entitled "Machine Learning for Shipwreck Segmentation from Side Scan Sonar Imagery: Dataset and Benchmark" in Deep Blue Data.
A Caucasian man wearing a blue cap with a white sweater holding a book.
  • Peter Cerda
  • Rachel Woodbrook
In this interview, Dr. Brandon Ponder, Ph.D., describes his research as a graduate student in the Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering Department and why he decided to share his data set entitled "The Venus Global Ionosphere-Thermosphere Model (V-GITM): A Coupled Thermosphere and Ionosphere Formulation" in Deep Blue Data.
Dot-matrix-style graphic of a yellow heart on a blue background. Text at top reads: February 12-16, 2024. In heart, text reads: Love Data Week. Text at bottom reads: Deep Blue Repositories.
  • Rachel Woodbrook
  • Peter Cerda
This Love Data Week, Deep Blue Data celebrates 1,000 curated and published datasets!
Open Access Week 2023 image, with multiple open locks superimposed over photos of people.
  • Rachel Woodbrook
  • Jeremy Morse
Open Access Week 2023 is upon us! The theme this year is "Community over Commercialization."

This theme emphasizes transparency and equitable access to knowledge, which directly aligns with the goals of an institutional repository. Deep Blue Repositories, offered by the University of Michigan Library, facilitates the free and open sharing of research content generated and used in support of research activities at U-M.
A person standing at the top of a small rise, silhouetted against the blue sky
  • Rachel Woodbrook
We are excited to share the publication of "Archaeological Investigations in a Northern Albanian Province: Results of the Projekti Arkeologjik i Shkodrës (PASH)" Volumes 1 & 2, edited by Michael L. Galaty and Lorenc Bejko, along with the associated data set on Deep Blue Data Repository. See the UM Press blog ( for the whole interview!
An iron-on patch and a tan baseball hat on a wood picnic table surface, both with an embroidered design featuring a large ear of corn and the words Urbana Champaign Illinois
  • Scott David Witmer
The 2023 iPres conference at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana brought an international community of digital archivists to the Midwest for a week of sessions that explored a range of digital preservation challenges.
Picture of Dr. Amir Salaree, a man wearing black glasses and smiling at the camera.
  • Joanna Thielen
In this interview, Dr. Amir Salaree (Research Fellow at the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences) describes his research and why he decided to share his data set entitled "Supporting Data for Solving a Seismic Mystery with a Diver's Camera" in Deep Blue Data.
Silhouette of a person walking from a dark tunnel into a bright light
  • Lance Thomas Stuchell
Part two of our ongoing series on getting our dark repository back up and running. This post outlines our approach to moving forward.
Hispanic male in a purple shirt admiring a green snake wrapped around his arm.
  • Peter Cerda
This post highlights one of the new members to the DBRRDS team! Peter Cerda is Data Curation Specialist for Workflows and Big Data.