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Lines of Web ARChive file format data, white typeface on a black background
  • Shauna-Kay Gabrielle Harrison
In response to the rise in book challenges in Michigan and across the country, a new web archive has been created to preserve, to the best of our ability, information regarding attempts to change collection development policies in public schools and public libraries.
An iron-on patch and a tan baseball hat on a wood picnic table surface, both with an embroidered design featuring a large ear of corn and the words Urbana Champaign Illinois
  • Scott David Witmer
The 2023 iPres conference at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana brought an international community of digital archivists to the Midwest for a week of sessions that explored a range of digital preservation challenges.
Silhouette of a person walking from a dark tunnel into a bright light
  • Lance Thomas Stuchell
Part two of our ongoing series on getting our dark repository back up and running. This post outlines our approach to moving forward.
A person facing a scary creature in the foggy darkness
  • Lance Thomas Stuchell
An overview and lessons learned from challenges faced in the management of our dark repository.
Photo of several dozen empty white metal bird cages hanging in a cluster.
  • Scott David Witmer
Turmoil at Twitter is causing concerns about the platform’s long-term stability. Here are a few methods for copying and preserving your Twitter data.
The landing page of the Digital Archiving Research Guide showing a brief introduction and content menu
  • Scott David Witmer
Announcing the publication of the Digital Archiving Research Guide, with tips and recommendations for organizing and preserving your personal digital files.
  • Lance Thomas Stuchell
Over the past year our work has been featured in a video and podcast.
Lance Stuchell, Head of the Digital Preservation Unit, points at a screen display of 3.5-inch floppy disks during a World Digital Preservation Day event.
  • Scott David Witmer
The U-M Digital Preservation Unit celebrated World Digital Preservation Day on November 7 with zines, cookies, and a 3.5-inch floppy disk data rescue demonstration.
Doctor shining a light into the camera
  • Lance Thomas Stuchell
Announcement of our PDF research project.
Box of Zip disks
  • Christina Min
The click of death and more fun with Zip disks!