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First page of netCDF DCFP
October 11, 2018
  • susan borda
In the UMich Research Data Services (RDS) group, we see and work with all sorts of data. One particularly thorny variety is netCDF. In Deep Blue Data, we have been getting regular deposits of data in this format, and we didn't know much about it. We had many questions how do we open it, what's its structure, how do researchers create these files and why can the size vary so widely from 100s of MBs to 100s of GBs or even TBs? Jake Carlson, Director of RDS, and I hashed out the idea of creating "profiles" for file formats as quick reference resources for RDS as well as others in the data curation field to help us do our jobs more easily and consistently. So, we thought we'd pilot this idea by creating a “Data Curation Format Profile” (DCFP) for netCDF data files since it seemed like an interesting file format and we were likely to get more of them in the future.
Computer monitor planter
March 20, 2018
  • Lance Thomas Stuchell
Update on work done by the Digital Preservation Unit including efforts on the Digital Preservation Lab, digital file formats, and community outreach.
August 15, 2017
  • Scott David Witmer
Part 2 of the Personal Digital Archiving Guide covers characteristics of digital file formats that you should consider when deciding how to preserve your digital materials.