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Paper Potmaker
  • Krystel Anderson
Paper seedling planter pots created using 3d printed molds. These will be used for the Library’s Earth Day workshop planting seeds from the new Seed Library!
The product
  • Alexander Warner Alvarado
Hobby build of a display stand for a heavy metal hilt replica lightsaber from Star Wars!
Image of the gift
  • Camellia Huang
Creating festive gifts for parents utilizing the Laser Cut and engrave facility
3D Printed Big House
  • Ross Michael Towbin
A 3D printed memento of the big win of Michigan against Ohio State
A picture of 3D printed goose
  • Ameilia Jing Chung
Mighty goose with an orange teal beak
The engraved album
  • Andrew James Furlotte
Engraving the cover of my friend's favorite album for his dorm room
Coasters with Cat Designs
  • Samara Steinfeld
Acrylic coasters with laser engraved hand drawn cats :)
Shapiro Design Lab Winberg Media Production Room. There is a soundbooth in the background with a student inside speaking into a microphone and in the foreground another student sitting at a computer monitoring their recording.
  • Erica Ervin
The Design Lab will be hiring 2-3 enthusiastic undergraduates for the Winter 2024 term. The application deadline is Friday, December 22 and all applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Fill out the google form and upload CV/resume using the link located at the bottom the post.
Brown 3d printed Snail shaped planter and tan 3d printed turtle snail shaped planter on white bookshelf.
  • Anthony Roland Dimeglio
Contributing to a fun and innovative home decor - animal-shaped plant pots!
The product
  • Marilyn Creswell
A creative and affordable way to get a bike pump replacement made using a 3D printer!