Ebook Collections

Well the library has been shut down until at least March 30th. I had some cool blog posts planned, but all of them rely on having access to the library and the books inside. So I decided to highlight some of the ebook collections we have that are available from home. I am focusing on things to do for entertainment while you are stuck in your homes. You can search the library database with a subject and the word ebook to try and find specific things if you don’t see something you like below. And if you need help finding something for your classes or research don’t be afraid to contact Ask a Librarian via their chat feature

Oh and make sure you are logged in to your UM account before using the links, so that they work. If they still don’t work, comment below and I will fix them or tell you how to navigate to the page via the library website. Also comment if you use the collections, or have any thoughts on follow-up posts, or even if you just want to chat during these trying times. 



Proquest’s Ebook Central. I’ve linked their fiction collection, but if you go into browse subjects you can see they have a ton of non-fiction that you can check out as well. Narrow the list down by language via the bar on the left side of the page. This collection has some exciting books like Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, I, Robot by Isaac Asimov and Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. 

EBSCO eBook Collection. EBSCO has a ton of fiction books, so there is a ton to sort through. In my browsing I’m not seeing a lot of books that look familiar. If you want to give something new a try you can check out Larissa Lai’s The Tiger Flu,  Casey Platt’s Little Fish or the classic story The Yellow Wallpaper



Ebook Essentials by OReilly: For this database you are directed to a drop down box. Select “Not Listed Here” and enter in your UMich email in the next pop up. If you’ve ever wanted to teach yourself to code, now is the time! O’Reilly has a ton of books online for learning various programming languages that vary in difficulty from expert to beginner. Check out these books and learn a new and useful skill.