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GRE Premier 2017 Cover
  • Pam MacKintosh
The library has resources to help prepare for the graduate or professional school application process.
Practice for Life Cover Image
  • Pam MacKintosh
Ever wonder about the myriad decisions and changes colleges students go through during their four or so years? Practice for Life: Making Decisions in College helps answer those questions.
An image of the cover of a book titled "Whisky, Kilts, and the Loch Ness Monster: Traveling Through Scotland with Boswell and Johnson" depicting a man with a suitcase on the top of a mossy hill.
  • Deirdre Hirschtritt
I’ve always taken my brothers’ advice very seriously, and my college years were no exception. When they said visit your professors during office hours, I wrote up my questions and visited most of my professors at least once. When they said to live in a coop, I donned by Birkenstocks and joined an 11-member house, always cleaning the bathrooms when it was my turn. And when they said to study abroad, I moved to Spain for 4 months...