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Image of Zooniverse crowdsourcing platform
  • Seonghwa Choi
Working at the Shapiro Design Lab was a valuable and unforgettable experience. I was able to explore different types of interesting projects related to both data science and our library community. It gave me an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills you learned in the classroom to a real-world situation and to collaborate with other student developers. Mainly I participated in the AwesomeBox, an interface that shows recommended books by peers, Measure The Future, a sensor that collects information about how people use library spaces, which is adapted from the open platform of, and the Zooniverse, data aggregation that measuring an annotation reliability for projects with volunteers to participate in crowd-sourced scientific researches.
Student at Shapiro Design Lab
  • Keyaria Marie Walker
Discovering library technology as a student developer working on the AwesomeBox and Measure The Future projects
  • Justin Schell
Here's what the Shapiro Design Lab will be up to in 2017-18!
  • Justin Schell
Announcing the next cohort of the Shapiro Design Lab Residency.
  • Justin Schell
Announcing the 2017-18 Shapiro Design Lab Internship program.
  • Justin Schell
Interested in software and hardware development? Apply to be of the first Student Developer program in the Shapiro Design Lab!