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Book cover for Woke Gaming: Digital Challenges to Oppression and Social Injustice / Gray and Leonard
  • Val Waldron
Are you interested in learning about and promoting diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEIA) in game culture and the game industry?
We have a few sections devoted to this very important topic on our research guide. Several of the resources listed on our guide can be accessed remotely, and we have highlighted a few here, along with the official summaries for each resource. We invite you to check them out.
  • Marna Michele Clowney-Robinson
Marna Clowney-Robinson, Karen Downing, Darlene Nichols and Helen Look speak on why it's so important for libraries to take deliberate actions to ensure that they are inclusive of multiracial populations.
Image of a bust of Aristotle next to a quote from him "It is the characteristic of the magnanimous man to ask no favor but to be ready to do kindness to others."
  • Anna Ercoli Schnitzer
Anna Ercoli Schnitzer, Disability Issue and Outreach Librarian at the Taubman Health Sciences Library speaks on the importance of kindness to others in order to reach a deeper level of understanding as individuals.
Image of a beach with sea foam rising, almost touching a starfish on the sand.
  • Jeffery Witt
Jeff Witt, Diversity and Incusion Specialist, reflects on what success looks like in relation to his DEIA and Social Justice work.
Image of a drawing with two hands, with a hand on top cupping a group of people standing on the bottom hand.
  • Sheila Garcia
In this short post, PIPEline returns for the Fall term, starting by announcing our first blog series: Social Class in the Workplace. This post will explain the background of and set the context for the subsequent posts in this series.
Image of iceberg with the words "Arts, Language, Behaviours, Dress, Celebrations, Foods" visible on the upper half of the iceberg above water. Below water, text on the iceberg reads "Values, Customs, Roles, Traditions, Rules, Status, Beliefs, Thought Patterns, and Perceptions
  • Sheila Garcia
Sheila Garcia provides information on the familismo cultural value prevalent in Latinx communities and how an understanding of this value can better inform our library work.
  • Stephanie Rosen
Are all library resources accessible for students, faculty, and staff with disabilities? Stephanie Rosen speaks on the work of the Digital Accessibility Team (DAT) and how they are trying to help everyone in the library answer this question.
Image of gears of varying sizes, each containing a health symbol within including a heart, microscope, ambulance, clipboard, and beaker.
  • Anna Ercoli Schnitzer
U-M's Michigan Medicine has a new initiative called Victors Care, a tailored version of a health system called "Concierge Care" which is addressed to patients who can trade monthly or yearly funds for special attention, short waits and 24/7 ability to contact a physician from this program. Anna Schnitzer examines the new initiative in particular regard to the university's commitment to equity and inclusion.