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  • Chelsea Paige Padilla
When I applied to the Michigan Library Scholars program to work for the “A Survey of Global Open Access Policies” project, I took it as an opportunity to learn more about a particular side of publishing and law that I didn’t know much about. As someone who is double majoring in Political Science and Creative Writing & Literature, I have always been interested in how the law interacts with people’s creations — regardless of whether those creations are novels, pieces of artwork, or video games. For some reason, though, I’d never considered works of research under the same umbrella. Through this project, I’ve learned about the importance of open access policies and how they fuel innovation and generate new knowledge.
  • Sara M Trop
The Michigan Library Scholars application jumped out at me back in February. I’m a rising junior studying economics & communications with a minor in Spanish, hoping to ultimately work for a non-profit one day. I saw the Askwith project and was immediately drawn to it because the majority of my classes this past semester were on globalization. Slowly I began to understand the necessity of being culturally aware and maintaining diversity in a world where homogeneity is often expected. Knowing I had been confined to my own “single-story,” or was truly only familiar with my home country, became an impediment to my perspective on the global community. The MLS program stood out to me then, and now, because I got to be part of a team of classmates and mentors working to end narrow-mindedness at UM.
Three men and one woman, all dressed in contemporary post-war clothing, walk with work-related items, heading off to their different jobs. All of the people are smiling with crowns upon their heads, implying that all of them (and all people) are important. The Japanese text near the bottom reads 誰もが貴い (Dare mo ga tōtoi) meaning "everyone is precious". The image symbolizes how nations came to realize that human rights are very important and should not be violated.
  • Dorothy Feixuan Ma
Dorothy Ma's Final Reflection Blog Post for the 2019 Michigan Scholars Program, the Increasing Accessibility to Digital Image Collections in Japanese Studies project.