Santa’s upgrading the gifts with a “little brother” rivalry!

December 15, 2022

Simply by searching a couple key words on Thingiverse I found these two designs for printing, a UMich coaster and the Block S keychain-turned-ornament. The design lab team was really helpful with the decision about using the PLA material rather than PETG, and to just let the person who’s getting the coaster as a gift to not use it for super hot coffee cups. Again they were helpful in deciding to reduce the infill in the S since it’s going to be an ornament so it’s easier to hang on smaller tree branches. Thank you Design Lab Team for helping with Christmas gifts!!

Navy blue 3D printed circular cup coaster with the Michigan logo in the center
U-M coaster 3D printed with dark blue PLA filament
Silver 3D printed Michigan State University Block S keychain
MSU Block S Keychain 3D printed in silky sliver PLA filament