Printed card game (paper) and controller stick locks

White 3D printed box with tabletop game cards inside.

3D printed box with cards inside.

A new print & play card game was released last month called "To the Moon: Bestest Memories" based on one of my favorite game series. I had some extra time and mprint credit, so I told myself why not. I printed out the double sided cards on a color printer which used $5.64 of print credit, including test pages. Students get $24 per term.

30 tabletop game cards lying face up on a wooden table

Cards cut apart and ready for playing

I also 3D printed a box for the cards to go in, as they are just paper and could easily be damaged. I got this box from Printables looking for a simple vertical box.

3d printed white gaming card box


Additionally, while I was at the design lab, I took 20 minutes to print these two controller stick locks.

Orange digital image of 3d model of joystick lock

Digital preview of the 3d model for the joystick lock

The idea is to protect joysticks when traveling with a controller or console by not letting them move.

I got the print file from printables: using the pro controller version vertically scaled after measuring my controller's stick height.

This model was made to prevent Nintendo Switch controllers from getting stick drift during travel.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller with white 3d printed lock on right joystick

White 3d printed joystick lock on my gamepad