Final Fantasy in the CVGA

Here is a guest post from one of our student workers, Ashley.

If you’re familiar with the video gaming community you may know that Final Fantasy XV came out yesterday, 10 years after the announcement was first made.

What you may not know is that we here at the CVGA have many of the original games in the series. While the numbering system of the earlier games might be a little difficult to follow (I know it was for me), the archive does contain all the numbered Final Fantasies with the only exception being Final Fantasy XI (and Final Fantasy XV, which we will be getting when we are able).

If you’re excited for some Final Fantasy action but don’t have access to any, come join us here at the archive where you can play almost any of the old games, including Final Fantasies II and V, which weren’t released in North America until the Playstation.

You can follow the progress of our copy of Final Fantasy XV by looking at the "status" if its Mirlyn record. It's currently in the process of being cataloged.