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U-M Library website from seven years ago
  • Colin Smith Fulton
The next version of Mirlyn ( is going to take some time to create, but let's take a peek under the hood and see how the next generation of search will work.
Linked Data Explained: You're No Dummy
  • Jodee J Jernigan
If you have heard about linked data, but you're not quite sure what it means, look no further. Find out what linked data is, why it is important and how it will transform the web.
University of Michigan Library search
  • Jodee J Jernigan
Search is the cornerstone of the library website, and the primary goal of our online presence: to help users find resources and information so that they can do their work.
Honeybee on honeycomb
  • Margaret B Kelly
Datamart was designed to be an option for Library staff to get reports of Aleph catalog data in an easy, self-serve way. But how much are we really using it?
  • Perry Willett
There are three ways to find MBooks in Mirlyn, the U-M online catalog.
  • Perry Willett
You may have noticed that the links to Google Books in Mirlyn have a little more information lately. We have always provided links to online copies in both Google Book Search and MBooks. We're now using the Google API to provide links to any book in Mirlyn that is also in Google Book Search.
  • Bill Dueber
Earlier this week, I had a chance to give a brown-bag session on a new API into our catalog, Mirlyn (Ex Libris's Aleph software).
  • Ken Varnum
At the University of Michigan Library, in partnership with Google, we have been busily scanning our collections. This opens up lots of possibilities, including an exciting one that launches today: search the full text of a book from within Mirlyn, the library's catalog.