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Photo of a card sorting exercise, with 5 columns of content attached to a wall.
  • Julia Anne Maxwell
Source evaluation is an important skill in our information landscape, which is why librarians teach this concept to students during course-integrated information literacy sessions. As part of an IMLS grant, our research team is conducting a two part study to understand the impact of library instruction on students’ evaluation of sources. In this post, we discuss the use of a questionnaire and role-playing interviews to learn more about students’ confidence in their evaluation abilities.
Photo of an empty lecture hall.
  • Jesus Ivan Espinoza
How do we begin applying a critical lens towards assessing library instruction? Recently U-M Library Instructor College and the The Feminist Pedagogy Reading Group discussed Maria Accardi’s book chapter "Teaching Against the Grain: Critical Assessment in the Library Classroom."
Word cloud image: finding sources, library organization, using & understanding sources, nature of information, etc.
  • Doreen R Bradley
Assessing library impact on student learning is essential for demonstrating libraries’ integrated value and commitment to higher education. In 2018 the author investigated faculty perceptions of student learning in library instruction sessions, and as a result, revealed that faculty observe enhanced learning when their students participate in library instruction opportunities.
Scrabble tiles spell out "database."
  • Carol Shannon
In this post, the author describes how they used the assessments of a revised library curriculum for the College of Pharmacy to demonstrate the value of the sessions for students, and to stimulate the creation of a new learning object - a game - to improve student learning.
Image of poster presented at the 2018 Library Assessment Conference.
  • Laurie A Alexander
The 2018 Library Assessment Conference ( brought together a community of practitioners and researchers who have responsibility or interest in the broad field of library assessment. This post recaps the conference poster content presented by Laurie Alexander and Doreen Bradley about how analytics advanced the Library's internal understanding of the course-integrated instruction provided by Library staff.
Information literacy needs of engineering grad students: survey results
  • Paul F Grochowski
In this study, engineering librarians Leena Lalwani, Jamie Niehof, and Paul Grochowski sought to learn from graduate students in the College of Engineering (CoE) how these students could benefit from more instruction on U-M Library resources.