Special Collections After Hours: Fall 2019 Events

We are pleased to announce our fall line-up of open houses in our Special Collections After Hours series! On the second Tuesday of each month during the academic year, we display themed selections from our collections. All are welcome to stop by any time between 4-6pm to explore our collections, enjoy light refreshments and chat with staff.

metal cover with floral motif
Silver cover on Isl. Ms. 174, 19th century copy of the Qur’an

Our first event of the year, on September 10, is Under Cover: an evening with intriguing bindings and enclosures. Through display of Islamic manuscripts, printed books, and artists' books, this event will explore the relationship between a book and its cover. Our first introduction to a book often comes via its cover or enclosure. While many covers plainly identify and entice us to peruse their contents, others obscure what they protect and may even leave us wondering if what we’re looking at is in fact a book. Other covers are so captivating as to overshadow what they enclose, leaving us reluctant to venture past them for a look inside. Ultimately many covers and enclosures reveal a great deal more about their creators, owners and admirers than about the texts and images within.

Over the course of the semester, we'll be displaying a wide variety of materials, including books on demonology and magic, documents on Indigenous identities and resitance, and anatomical illustrations in early printed books.  All Special Collections After Hours events are held in the Special Collections Research Center on the 6th floor of Hatcher South. While you're visiting for an open house, make sure to check out our current exhibit!