Advanced Search for HathiTrust Full-text Search

April 18, 2012

In Februar,y we released the first part of the advanced search interface for HathiTrust full-text search. Advanced search allows users to combine a full-text search with searches within specific metadata fields such as Title, Author, or Subject.

For example if you want to find out where Charles Dickens used the phrase "the best of times" you can search for: [All of these words] [Dickens, Charles] in [Author] AND [This exact phrase][the best of times] in [Just Full Text]

The advanced search interface also allows you to set limits by publication date, format, or language. Multiple languages or formats can be selected.

Today we released the second phase of advanced search. You can now combine up to four different fields connected by the "AND" or "OR" operators, and any limits set are retained if you click on the "Revise this advanced search" on the search results page.