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Image of a line of Canada Goose jackets on a rack
  • Denise Leyton
In the third post in our Social Class in the Workplace series, Denise Leyton shares her experience with wealth perception on campus and ways in which we can make conscious choices to ensure the library is a welcoming place to all.
  • Shannon Moreno
In the second post of the Social Class in the Workplace Series, Shannon Moreno shares a personal essay, reflecting on the ways that social class impact her daily work and the way she moves through the library at large.
Image of multiple people speaking, using letters from a variety of alphabets.
  • Sheila Garcia
In the first post in the Social Class in the Workplace Series, Sheila talks about multilevel code-switching, both what it is and why people do it, concluding with sharing her own experiences of multilevel code-switching.
Image of a drawing with two hands, with a hand on top cupping a group of people standing on the bottom hand.
  • Sheila Garcia
In this short post, PIPEline returns for the Fall term, starting by announcing our first blog series: Social Class in the Workplace. This post will explain the background of and set the context for the subsequent posts in this series.