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Image of an individual painting in a scribble drawing
  • Sheila Garcia
Sheila Garcia provides background information on the establishment of the Art Alliance and its aim to use art creation as a form of self-care during the workday.
Image of a beach with sea foam rising, almost touching a starfish on the sand.
  • Jeffery Witt
Jeff Witt, Diversity and Incusion Specialist, reflects on what success looks like in relation to his DEIA and Social Justice work.
Image of a line of Canada Goose jackets on a rack
  • Denise Leyton
In the third post in our Social Class in the Workplace series, Denise Leyton shares her experience with wealth perception on campus and ways in which we can make conscious choices to ensure the library is a welcoming place to all.
  • Shannon Moreno
In the second post of the Social Class in the Workplace Series, Shannon Moreno shares a personal essay, reflecting on the ways that social class impact her daily work and the way she moves through the library at large.
Image of gears of varying sizes, each containing a health symbol within including a heart, microscope, ambulance, clipboard, and beaker.
  • Anna Ercoli Schnitzer
U-M's Michigan Medicine has a new initiative called Victors Care, a tailored version of a health system called "Concierge Care" which is addressed to patients who can trade monthly or yearly funds for special attention, short waits and 24/7 ability to contact a physician from this program. Anna Schnitzer examines the new initiative in particular regard to the university's commitment to equity and inclusion.
From top-left to right, Jeff Witt, Anna Schnitzer, Stephanie Rosen From bottom-left to right, Jesus Espinoza, Edras Rodriguez-Torres, Sheila Garcia
  • Sheila Garcia
Welcome to PIPEline! Through this platform, we will share with the library community how our work intersects with these themes and how they have both shaped not only the work itself, but also the way we as professionals, view and engage with our work. Meet our primary contributors and get ready to follow our adventures (and possibly misadventures) along the way!