Resources for the study of watermarks

Watermarks and measurements help identify papers and trace their circulation and use in manuscript books and other works on paper. Existing descriptions of watermarks and watermarked papers -- in catalogues of watermarks, catalogues of books and documents, and studies drawing on watermark corpora -- are useful references for making sense of the watermarks observed in the papers of a book or other work under study. 

Newly featured over on the Islamic Manuscript Studies research guide is a selection of resources especially useful for working with watermarked papers encountered in manuscripts produced in Islamicate cultural areas.

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Originally published 5 September 2012 on a retired blog site, the resource page features enhanced and updated content around commonly encountered watermarked papers of manuscripts produced in formerly Ottoman areas, a selection of catalogues and studies for reference, and immensely useful online databases and portals -- as well as a detailed listing of the"Watermark Wednesdays" blog series

As with all the other pages on the research guide, the page will be updated regularly so follow for updates!

Suggested citation: Kropf, Evyn. "Resources for the Study of Watermarks." Islamic Manuscript Studies Research Guide 2012- available online at (accessed 30 January 2022)